Vaccine Technology Report 2022

New frontiers in vaccinology

New frontiers in vaccinology

Dive into the report and...

  • Learn about the different vaccine platforms available and the difference between prophylactic and preventative vaccines
  • Understand the dogged history of mRNA vaccine development and how COVID-19 vaccines were developed in an unprecedented speed
  • Find out how vaccines can be harnessed to prevent and treat cancer
  • Discover alternative methods to injecting vaccines and the potential of vaccinating against non-infectious diseases like Alzheimer’s, autoimmune conditions and allergies


About this report

The rapid approval and deployment of mRNA vaccines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic catapulted nucleic acid vaccines to the world stage, with soaring scientific and public recognition of mRNA vaccines and mRNA as a promising therapeutic. In 2021, the BioNTech-Pfizer mRNA vaccine became the bestselling drug of the year, hitting sales of $36.9 billion.

This report dives into some of the recent innovations in vaccine technology, from the history and potential uses of mRNA vaccines to the setbacks of cancer vaccines. The role of artificial intelligence in developing safer, more efficacious vaccines rapidly is also explored. The report concludes with a look into the future of vaccinology, from alternatives to injecting vaccines to the development of vaccines for non-infectious diseases like Alzheimer’s, autoimmune conditions and allergies.

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