Infographic: Why choosing a client-centric CTDMO is critical when outsourcing biomanufacturing projects

CTDMO, biomanufacturing, Merck, infographic

In 2021, 28% of FDA approvals were granted to biologic drugs, showcasing the increasing demand for the biopharma industry to develop, manufacture and market biologic-based therapies. Biologic drugs include monoclonal antibodies and large molecules produced in mammalian cells, bringing the already complex process of drug development to a new level.

Although the biomanufacturing of many of these molecules is a well-established process, challenges and bottlenecks remain. These include bioprocess optimization, capacity constraints, supply chain hurdles, and regulatory requirements. A promising solution for companies that do not have the technical expertise and comprehensive in-house capacity to address these issues is to outsource different phases of their drug development pipelines to an end-to-end specialized contract testing, development and manufacturing organization (CTDMO). 

Some of the main attractions for drug developers looking to CTDMOs are: balancing risk and time, avoiding supply chain turmoils, adapting to rapidly-changing goals and timelines, and managing complex and constantly-evolving regulatory requirements. With such requirements, the role of a CTDMO has evolved from a mere service provider to a thought partner. Therefore, selecting the right outsourcing partner is a major factor for the success of a drug development program as biomanufacturers and CTDMOs work collaboratively together. 

In this infographic, we present the results of a survey conducted of 40+ biopharma professionals on what they mostly look for in a CDMO partnership. The most requested criterion of “balancing speed and risk” expresses the need to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach towards a more customized setup. Merck’s CTDMO services are successfully implementing this concept by bringing together their more than 25 years of biopharma manufacturing experience, transparent communication and multidisciplinary expertise to create a real customer-centric environment for each biomanufacturing project. 

You can download a free version of the infographic here!

CTDMO, biomanufacturing, Merck, infographic

CTDMO, biomanufacturing, Merck, infographic

CTDMO, biomanufacturing, Merck, infographic

CTDMO, biomanufacturing, Merck, infographic

CTDMO, biomanufacturing, Merck, infographicCTDMO, biomanufacturing, Merck, infographic

Is your new drug a biologic? Ensure the success of your project by choosing a trustworthy experienced partner to help you along the rocky path. Contact the Merck team to learn more about their CTDMO services for biologic development and manufacturing.



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