Win a FREE Ticket to BIO-Europe Spring 2019 and Mingle with the VIPs of Biotech

It is the city of Mozart, Beethoven, Klimt and Freud, but also the soon-to-be location of one of the grandest biotech conferences in Europe: Vienna. Austria’s capital is hosting this year’s BIO-Europe Spring® and you get to be a part of it!

Over 2,000 delegates and more than 1,400 companies from the biotech and pharma industry visited last year’s conference in Amsterdam. In more than 14,500 one-to-one meetings, people from 55 countries met to network and talk business.

This year’s BIO-Europe Spring® is the 13th of its kind, the first one having been hosted in 2007! And there’s a lot to look forward to: Delegates have the possibility to meet an array of business leaders from leading biotech companies, business development teams from midsize and large pharma companies, investors, and other biotech and pharma experts.

BIO-Europe Spring 2019, EBD Group, Free ticket giveaway
Lovely Vienna, the place to be from March 25-27!

Visitors of BIO-Europe Spring 2019® will also have the chance to take part in add-on courses, such as a negotiation masterclass or a class on product valuation and deal structuring. Another fancy add-on is the event on microbiome therapeutics.

For young companies and anyone else who is interested in cutting edge research and brand new ideas, BIO-Europe Spring®  offers the Startup Spotlight. This is an event that allows startups, primary researchers and academics, and tech transfer offices to present their projects to the BIO-Europe Spring®  attendees.

And if one-to-one meetings or company presentations aren’t a visitor’s cup of tea, they can still enjoy BIO-Europe Spring®’s informal networking events: Evening receptions at splashing locations with food and drinks and music, where networking is made easy in a relaxed atmosphere.

So how about starting the new year by meeting industry leaders from biotech and pharma, networking with people from all over the world, and learning from companies at the forefront of research? Save the date and win a FREE ticket to BIO-Europe Spring 2019®!

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