A toolkit for emerging biotechs: practical advice for navigating challenges and advancing clinical development

July 28, 2022 - 1 minute
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By 2030, the global biotech industry is expected to reach a market value of $1,684B. At the forefront of the biotech industry are large biotech and pharmaceutical companies. And behind the scenes are thousands of emerging biotechs driving innovation.

More and more emerging biotechs are taking control of their drug development pipelines rather than relying on big pharma companies. But successfully emerging from the competition with a drug candidate remains challenging in the highly competitive biotech and pharma industry.

A took kit for emerging biotechs

In this report, created with the experts at Medpace, we discuss these different challenges emerging biotechs face from surviving a highly competitive environment to addressing funding issues, as well as the importance of defining and adhering to a strategy, working with the regulatory authorities, and the key points to look out for when searching for suitable collaborators.

You will learn

  • The challenges emerging biotech companies face from early-stage drug development to commercialization
  • The solutions that can help build a winning portfolio strategy, including working with the regulatory authorities
  • How to find a suitable partner

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