Refresh FAQ

Labiotech’s Refresh events are a new way interacting with the biotech community. The aim of the game is to gather the local biotech leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors in a down-to-earth setting where we can relax, have fun and be biotech nerds together. They are small events of around 50-100 people (depending on the space) with fireside chats from inspiring industry leaders, lots of networking opportunities, and free beer.

The events are held every quarter in a different major European city where the biotech industry is hot. To keep ahead of the crowd, subscribe to our newsletter or join our Insider community to get notifications on when they’re coming. You can also have a look at the lineup for the year on the Refresh homepage.

Labiotech Refresh meetups are exclusive events to our Insider members. To register to a meetup, please subscribe to our Insider membership. You will be the first to know once a new Refresh event is launched! By joining the Insider community, you will also support us to continue creating good quality journalism and allow us to remain an independent media outlet – one of the few out there!

Of course! We are offering a 30-day free trial of the Insider membership so just pass the information to all your friends so they can tag along! Only rule is they have to be friendly 😀

Once you become our Insider member, all of the Refresh events are 100% free! That also means free beer and snacks too 😉

Nope! Just bring your ID along. We want to avoid the annoying admin side of things as much as possible and save some trees at the same time.

These are informal interviews with awesome people who are doing amazing things in the industry. We like to think of them as a regular chat between friends by the fireside (though often you might have to imagine the fire). There will be two chats at each Refresh event, one with a local biotechnologist, one with someone not too local but really interesting. After the interview, there will be an opportunity to ask questions so you can find out everything you wanted to know. Of course, as these are informal events, you can always grab a beer and talk to our speakers afterward.

Do you have an idea on where we should go? Awesome! Fill in this super quick form to send us a location request and we will see if we can make it happen.

You do? That’s great! We can’t host Refresh without the help of our wonderful partners and sponsors. If you want to get more involved in Refresh and sponsor us, send a message to 

Wicked. We are always looking for cool speakers, so if you know anybody who can rock a room with biotech banter, let us know at