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Immuno-oncology has created a lot of hype in biotech in recent years. Companies in the field are largely attracting the most attention, capital and licensing deals. But will the hype last? In our first virtual Refresh event, we sat down with two renowned experts in the field to discuss the now and future of immuno-oncology revolution: 

  • Fireside chat #1: Immuno-oncology – The Investor’s Perspective
  • Karl Nägler, Managing Partner at Wellington Partners
  • Fireside chat #2: Building a Successful Immuno-oncology Biotech
  • Harpreet Singh, CEO at Immatics Biotechnologies

Part of the content from this event will be delivered in a video or article format. Stay tuned! 


Although we had to cancel this meetup due to growing concerns around the Covid-19 outbreaks, we decided to deliver the two fireside chats in a written interview format! Check out what our speakers had to say regarding the Innovations that will disrupt European biotech in 2020:

As the third pillar of the ‘golden triangle’, London is undoubtedly one of the biggest hubs for biotech companies in Europe. In recent years, this city has seen big acquisitions of biotech companies such as Nightstar Therapeutics or Heptares. With cash flowing into this city’s life sciences scene, many companies in London are at the forefront of innovation. Following the successful event in 2018, we were excited to come back to London with 2019’s ‘last but not least’ Refresh edition! There we sat down with two experts to discuss about the new technologies building the future of biotech:


Named the happiest city in the world, Copenhagen is not only known for its sustainable development but has also seen the rise of its biotech industry. With a strong focus in areas like cancer and diabetes, as well as lots of activities in industrial biotech, the city has become one of the most exciting startup scenes in Europe. We were thrilled to host our Refresh in Copenhagen for the very first time with two outstanding women in leading biotech roles: 


Paris is not only the place where Philip and Joachim started, but it’s also one of the biggest biotech clusters in Europe. Following the successful edition in 2018, we decided to organize another meetup in Paris! There we sat down with two investors from Cambridge and Paris, who compared the progress of these hubs and discussed the challenges that need to be overcome in biotech investment. 

Read about the event highlight here: Biotech Hubs: A Tale of Two Cities
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The first invite-only event for our Labiotech Insider members was indeed an extraordinary experience! On a sweltering hot day in Berlin, we all learned a great deal from the gathered experts, and enjoyed bagels afterwards. Immediate feedback from attendees was very positive, especially regarding the in-depth talks and specific advice. There we sat down with 7 top biotech experts to discuss 5 exciting topics:

Read about the event highlight here


Barcelona is one of the biotech hotspots in Europe with awesome companies such as Oryzon Genomics, Minoryx Therapeutics, Chemotargets, and Laboratorios Rubió. We were missing good tapas so we had to make another stop! There we sat down with:

IMG_20190521_181048 (1)

Zurich is one of the most vivid cities in terms of biotechnological and pharmaceutical research, development and production. There we sat down with two biotech thought leaders to discuss these topics:


Once again, Refresh came along with the most anticipated event on the biotech calendar – BIO-Europe Spring! Escaping the hustle and bustle of the conference for a chilled out Refresh with panel discussions and a fireside chat all about biotech was definitely a must-have! There we sat down with four experts to discuss about the future of biotech:

Werner Lanthaler- CEO of Evotec

Leading national or international scientific institutions, world-renowned hospitals, research-intensive and innovative enterprises, you can find it all in Heidelberg. Therefore, we decided to stay on our home turf, Germany, and headed to Heidelberg for this one! There we sat down with:

  • Friedrich von Bohlen – CEO & Founder of Molecular Health
  • Andreas Schmidt – Chief Executive Officer at Proteona

London is one of the most vivid cities in terms of biotechnological and pharmaceutical research, development and production. We liked it so much last year we had to make another stop! There we sat down with:

  • Ryan Cawood – CEO of Oxford Genetics
  • Tim Haines – Managing Partner at Abingworth

We wanted to get a little spoiled so we had to stop off in Basel. Basel is home to some really big biotech and pharma companies and it’s consequently a cornerstone of the excellence Switzerland has demonstrated in the industry. As a key hotspot in the BioValley cluster as well, it’s no wonder big names such as BaseLaunch, Cellestia or NBE-Therapeutics can be found there. We sat down with:

  • Ulf Grawunder – CEO of NBE-Therapeutics
  • Chandra Leo – Partner at HBM Partners

Check-out this interview with Ulf done by our lovely Editor in Chief Helen!


We were missing good cheese so we had to stop off in Paris. Paris is also the biggest biotech cluster in Europe with awesome companies such as DBV Technologies, Cellectis, Enterome & Eligo Biosciences. We sat down with:

  • Christine Placet, CEO of Horama
  • Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of Deinove

Articles about our chats are coming soon!

Berlin! The city where you can find startups, doener, techno, and your favourite Labiotech crew. You can also find an awesome biotech scene 😉 Our fireside chats were with:

Waffles, chocolate, beer… Belgium does things right. Including having an awesome biotech scene! This time we chatted with:

You may think of fashion and Ferraris when you consider Milan, but it is coming up fast on the list of hot spots for the biotech industry. It’s home to some world-class research universities as well as some pretty cool biotechs such as MolMed, EryDel, Genenta, and Newron. We sat down with:

BIO-Europe Spring, one of the most anticipated events on the biotech calendar. We were lucky enough to be able to co-host our Refresh event right at the conference in Amsterdam! We had a few more speakers this time:

Vienna is a hot spot for immunology research in Europe and is home to some great biotech companies such as APEIRON, Arsanis, Hookipa, and AFFiRiS. Importantly, it is also home to some outstanding beer and the world famous Wiener Schnitzel. We sat down with:

Refresh #3 in London - October 2017

London is the life science hub of the UK so we thought we would pop over to have a cuppa and chat biotech. We sat down by the fireside with:

Basel, a global leader in the life sciences sector. It’s home to some really big biotech and pharma companies as well as some awesome research groups. We were lucky to chat to:

As one of Europe’s top biotech regions, Munich was a great first stop to relax and talk biotech with some amazing German beers. Our first ever speakers were: