Refresh is Coming to BIO-Europe Spring 2019

BIO-Europe Spring is coming to Vienna and Refresh is coming along with it! 😇 

You’re invited to join us and the rest of the BIO-Europe Spring gang for a relaxed biotech meetup on the 27th March 2019 in Vienna. Escape the hustle and bustle of the conference for a chilled out Refresh with panel discussions and a fireside chat all about biotech. Get ready to meet some great people, listen to awesome speakers, and enjoy some free beer 🍺

Because BIO-Europe Spring is in the popular crowd for biotech events, first come will be the first served, so make sure to sign-up on our Meetup page and fill in this super quick form.

As always, attendance to Refresh is free. We also have a special surprise for those who are attending Refresh but not BIO-Europe Spring. You’ll get a free pass to BIO-Europe Spring for the rest of Wednesday! This means free entry for the closing ceremony and all other events taking place on Wednesday 27th after Refresh. What a deal.


Panel – The Future of Biotech

Helen, our Editor-in-Chief, will discuss the more immediate future of European biotech and what the hot topics in 2019 and beyond will be with a panel of three great speakers from both the scientific and the investment side of the industry.

1. Alexander Belcredi – CEO of PhagoMed

Alexander Belcredi has been working in the pharmaceutical space for over a decade. He spent nine years at the Boston Consulting Group where he was part of the global health care team, focusing on pharma and medtech. While at BCG, Belcredi became acutely aware of the urgent need to develop alternatives to antibiotics and was fascinated by the role that phage therapy can play. In 2017, he co-founded PhagoMed Biopharma GmbH, a biotech company developing phage-based pharmaceuticals to treat bacterial infections, where he is now the CEO.

2. Erich Tauber – CEO of Themis

Erich is a clinician by training and has worked in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry since 2000. He co-founded the Austrian biotech Themis Bioscience in 2009 and has been its CEO since it began. Themis focuses on developing innovative vaccines for infectious diseases such as Chikungunya and is set to move into the oncolytic vaccine space. With infectious disease and cancer being two of the biggest healthcare issues being targeted by the industry, he is well placed to tell us more about new and future trends in European biotech.

3. Vanessa King – CEO of Virion

Vanessa is currently CEO of Virion Biotherapeutics, a UK biotech developing a first-in-class RNA immunomodulatory agent to target respiratory viruses. She is also experienced in biotech investment and is a Venture Partner at Abingworth. A notable success was her experience of heading up business development at deCODE Genetics, taking it from bankruptcy to a $415M acquisition by Amgen. We are sure she will have lots of interesting insights to share about what areas of biotech we should be watching in 2019. 

Fireside chat

The CEO of Evotec will discuss his views on the upcoming trends and challenges facing European biotech in the next few years.

Werner Lanthaler- CEO of Evotec

Werner has been the CEO of Evotec since March 2009. He has done an amazing job at growing the company and transforming it into an innovation-driven company. We selected Werner to give the keynote as he is one of the best biotech leaders in Europe and as he has always been able to look ahead to predict what will come next. Drop by to see what Werner’s vision is of the future of European biotech. Plus, he is a passionate, energetic and fun speaker to listen to.

To request a spot, subscribe to our Meetup page and click attending. You can also add a plus one (or two) if you have a nice friend 😉 Make sure you (and your friends) fill out the Typeform as well so you don’t miss out!

Check out what happened last time at Refresh Amsterdam:

What happens if I miss out on this Refresh?

That is very sad. But we will definitely try to come back as soon as possible! Send us a request and we will see if we can make it work. Alternatively, feel free to sneak into one in a different city 😉

If you have any questions then feel free to send me a message at

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