We Just Hit Refresh on Refresh!

We are refreshing Refresh! We love Refresh and we hope you do too. But because we want to meet all of our wonderful readers (that means you) we have decided to have them more frequently and all across Europe. So here’s introducing the new:

Refresh! (in Meetup format)

You may have noticed we have been jetting around Europe hosting Meetups for a few months. So far we have been to Munich, Basel and most recently London, where we have had a lot of fun. These Meetups are a way to connect with the super cool biotech community and to have some great chats over beer  This also means that you won’t have to wait an entire year for Refresh! We will be hosting our new Refresh in this Meetup format every two months (almost). That means you can sit back and relax while we come to you!

What to expect?

  • Relaxed after work event
  • 2 fireside chats with awesome speakers (one local, one not)
  • Networking opportunities with the biotechnologists in your area
  • Between 50-100 attendees
  • Free entry
  • Free beers and snacks
  • The unique Refresh vibe

The new Refresh is a ‘leave your tie at home’ event. We are a casual bunch so want to leave the rigidity of your average conference on the doorstep and create a fun, intimate and relaxed environment where we can all be biotech nerds together.

Where will they be?

The new Refresh events will be held in a different major European city where the biotech industry is hot. To find out when and where the next one will be, subscribe to our Meetup page so you don’t miss out! Spaces fill up really fast so you have to get in quick.

Do you want us to come to you? Don’t hesitate to tell us! You can send in a request by filling out this form.

What is a fireside chat?

These are informal interviews with awesome people who are doing amazing things in the industry. We like to think of them as a regular chat between friends by the fireside (though often you might have to imagine the fire). There will be two chats at each Refresh event, one with a local biotechnologist, one with someone not too local but really interesting. After the interview, there will be an opportunity to ask questions so you can find out everything you wanted to know. Of course, as these are informal events, to begin with, you can always grab a beer and talk to our speakers afterward.

So, will the old Refresh happen again?

We had so much fun at our big Refresh and definitely will want to do it all again. We really want to meet all of our readers on a more personal level so a cozy bar seems to be a slightly better setting for now. Once we are tired of being digital nomads we can get back to living it up large.

What happens if I miss out on the Refresh in my city?

That is very sad. But we will definitely try to come back as soon as possible! Send us a request and we will see if we can make it work. Alternatively, feel free to sneak into one in a different city 😉

We are still in the process of rebranding Refresh so changes are still to come. If you have any questions then feel free to send us a message at contact-at-labiotech.eu.

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