Zurich Here We Come! 🇨🇭


Zurich get ready! 😍

Zurich is one of the most vivid cities in terms of biotechnological and pharmaceutical research, development and production. So, you’re invited to join us and the rest of the Zurich🇨🇭 biotech gang for a relaxed biotech meetup on the 📝30th of April 2019📝.

Get ready to meet some great people, listen to some awesome speakers, and enjoy some free beer. You will be able to find us at Urban Kitchen looking super cool in our Labiotech t-shirts.

Thanks to BaseLaunch accelerator from Basel for being such a cool co-host and NIBC and JLABS for supporting us 😉


Patrick Amstutz, CEO of Molecular Partners

Patrick is a co-founder of Molecular Partners, and he has been with the company since its inception in 2004. He served as CBO from 2006 to 2014, then COO from 2014 to 2016, and has been CEO ever since. He has significantly contributed to making Molecular Partners the most successful biotech company in Zurich, as well as one of the most successful biotech companies in Switzerland and Europe. Drop by to hear how he managed the company’s success, what lies ahead for the company and for himself, and what his vision is for the Swiss biotech ecosystem.

 Andreas Wallnöfer, Managing Partner at BioMedPartners

Andreas is a managing partner at BioMedPartners, one of the most prolific biotech VCs in Switzerland. He is a very experienced drug developer—experience he gained while pioneering clinical proof-of-concept work at Roche, then being involved in the integration of Genentech. We will be chatting about how to properly design a clinical trial, how translational medicine evolved over the years, and what it’s like to transition into becoming a venture capitalist.

What to expect?

  • Relaxed biotech event
  • 2 fireside chats with awesome speakers
  • Networking opportunities with the biotechnologists in your area
  • 70 attendees
  • Free entry
  • Free beers and snacks
  • The unique Refresh vibe

Remember to leave your tie/blazers at home so you can chill out and be a biotech nerd in comfort.


Check out what happened in Basel:

What happens if I miss out on this Refresh?

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If you have any questions then feel free to send me a message at yi-jen-at-labiotech.eu.

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