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More News! 1 Aug 2019

Atlantic Healthcare’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease RNA Drug Fails Phase III

Biogen Acquires UK Biotech Developing Gene Therapy for Blindness

Swiss Genomics Firm, Biogen and Microsoft Team Up to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

German Biotech Unveils Positive Phase II Results for Alzheimer’s

Following Eli Lilly’s Failure, what’s Next in Alzheimer’s Treatments?

Interview: GeNeuro’s CFO explains its Unique Multiple Sclerosis Treatment


Rare Disease Biopharma can now sell Hemophilia treatment across whole of EU

Sanofi-Genzyme: Still successful 5 years after the acquisition?

Also Using PD-L1 Cancer Treatments to Attack Alzheimer’s Disease

Epigenetics Baby of Proteros is Signing Up with Top US Neurology Specialists

Dementia could bankrupt us all… The Biotech ‘A’ Team comes to the rescue!

Global Hemophilia AID project achieves first milestone with donations from Swedish Biotech