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In Depth 11 Jul 2023

AIS Biotech: startup employs carbohydrates to fight the flu

AI program finds multiple influenza drug targets

aVaxziPen’s needle-free vaccine yields positive data across multiple diseases

AAHI bags $9.9M to develop nasal spray influenza RNA vaccine 

Poolbeg expands POLB 001 into oncology

Poolbeg influenza trial successfully completed

Startup Scout 21 Nov 2022

Osivax is designing future-proof influenza and Covid vaccines

Virax Biolabs introduces flu, Covid-19 and RSV rapid test kits

Patents granted for Poolbeg Pharma influenza and respiratory virus infections treatments

Pneumagen embarks on phase 2 proof of concept influenza study

Roche announces influenza drug approval and new COVID test

Beyond Biotech podcast 6: Mogrify, +ND Capital, Poolbeg Pharma