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Interview 5 Dec 2022

Interview: why the recently approved fecal microbiome product is causing a rumble

FDA’s approval of first fecal microbiota product, Rebyota, hailed an ‘enormous step forward’ for the field

Interview 14 Nov 2022

MaaT Pharma: leading the charge in microbiome therapeutics

Startup Scout 28 Oct 2022

Persephone Biosciences studies the microbiome in baby poop

Startup Scout 19 Oct 2022

Neobe Therapeutics breaks down tumor defenses with bacteria

Clinical Microbiomics acquires MS-Omics


Skin microbiome research could lead to new approaches for addressing organ damage after stem cell transplants

License granted to EnteroBiotix for manufacture of microbiome product candidates

Clinical Microbiomics expanding with €10M million investment

Novome Biotechnologies raises $43.5M for therapeutically engineered microbes pipeline

NTU Singapore opens microbiome research center to study obesity and chronic diseases

Sponsored by 30 Aug 2022

Metagenomics: unlocking the secrets of microbial communities