The 15 Best Biotech Incubators in Europe, Hatching Future Biotech Stars

Get to know 15 of the best biotech incubator across Europe where some of the best companies moving billions of euros get started.

The best ideas in biotech need a catalyst to turn ideas into reality. Incubators are specifically designed to support companies, especially those at an early stage, that need facilities, mentoring and networking to progress. With biotech as a powerful force in Europe, the continent is full of bio incubators that specialize in different applications of research in the life sciences.

Here are 15 of the best bio incubators we found in Europe. As usual, they are listed in no particular order.


babraham bioincubator - EditedThe Babraham Bioincubator Concept

Where: Cambridge, UK

Founded: 1998

Focus: Healthcare

About: The incubator promotes partnerships between academic research groups and companies that reside in the campus. Its aim is to help early-stage companies reduce cash-burn and help them succeed in the long term. Top companies like Bicycle Therapeutics, Crescendo Biologics, F-Star and Mission Therapeutics have been part of this successful incubator.

biotech incubator babraham bioincubator concept anzena kymab x01

Eurasante bioincubator biotech incubator - EditedEurasanté Bio-Incubator

Where: Lille, France

Founded: 2000

Focus: Healthcare and food technology

About: The Eurasanté Bio-Incubator has strong ties with the academic sector, acting as a bridge for technology transfer. Genfit, one of the companies leading the race for the first NASH therapy, comes from this incubator.

Eurasante bioincubator biotech incubator genfit 4p pharma alzprotect

Umea Biotech incubator

Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI)

Where: Umeå, Sweden

Founded: 2004

Focus: Biomedicine

About: With the aim to promote the growth of the Scandinavian life sciences sector, the incubator offers facilities, infrastructure, pre-seed financing, business development, project management, and intellectual property rights (IPR) services.

Umea Biotech Incubator UMI Nordic Biomarker SwedClone Redhot diagnostics

BioVentureHub biotech incubator gothenburg - EditedBioVentureHub

Where: Gothenburg, Sweden

Founded: 2014

Focus: Biotechnology and medtech

About: The incubator is run by AstraZeneca to promote the collaboration between big pharma and small innovative companies in the biotech and medtech space that are about to or have just entered the development phase.

BioVentureHub biotech incubator athera vicore vivolux

Bayer Healthcare colaborator - EditedBayer HealthCare CoLaborator

Where: Berlin, Germany

Founded: 2014

Focus: Healthcare

About: With the headquarters of its pharmaceutical division in Berlin, Bayer also counts with a dedicated incubator building to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into market products and offering agreements with one of the biggest pharma firms to the most promising projects.

Bayer health colaborator biotech incubator calico liquid genomics eternygen

Biotech incubator bio-incubator LeuvenBio-incubator Leuven

Where: Leuven, Belgium

Founded: 2008

Focus: Biotechnology

About: The incubator provides office and lab space, as well as logistical and environment technical support, to R&D intensive life sciences companies with high growth potential. The success of the incubator has led to the construction of a third building in the Leuven Noord science park this year.

Bio-Incubator Leuven oncurious remynd vib

Biocity Nottingham biotech incubatorBioCity

Where: Nottingham, UK

Founded: 2003

Focus: Biotechnology

About: One of the first bio incubators to offer lab space to early stage companies in the UK, BioCity Nottingham boasts a 91% survival rate of companies at the incubator. Its success led to the creation of two new BioCity incubators in Scotland (2012) and Alderley Park (2013).

BioCity biotech incubator

BioCity Leipzig - EditedBio City Leipzig

Where: Leipzig, Germany

Founded: 2002

Focus: Biomedicine

About: Besides providing laboratory space for startups and young companies, the incubator hosts scientists doing basic and applied research on biomedicine, tissue engineering and molecule design to promote the creation of spin-offs.

Bio City Leipzig vita 34 c-lecta curacyte

accelerace bio cobis biotech incubator

Copenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS)

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded: 2009

Focus: Biotechnology

About: From the heart of Copenhagen’s Medicon Valley, COBIS hosts a mix of national and international companies that range from early-stage startups to mid-size firms. The incubator offers pre-seed financing and hosts accelerator programs.

COBIS Affitech galecto biotech orphazyme

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator - Edited Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator 

Where: Oslo, Norway

Founded: 2007

Focus: Oncology

About: This publicly-funded incubator supports promising oncology biotechs to successfully reach commercialization, providing resources that range from business development to facilitating investor contacts.

biotech incubator oslo cancer cluster lytix biopharma oncoimmunity ultimovacs

BioVille Biotech Incubator Belgium - Edited BioVille

Where: Diepenbeek, Belgium

Founded: 2012

Focus: Healthcare

About: Located at the Diepenbeek campus of the Hasselt University, this incubator has program for companies both in early and late stage development phases, offering flexible and custom services that adapt to the needs of each participant.

bioville biotech incubator

Genopole biotech incubator france - EditedGenopole

Where: Evry, France

Founded: 1998

Focus: Biomedicine and synthetic biology

About: Just south of Paris, Genopole supports startups with applications in all branches of biotech, from environmental to agronomic and industrial biotechnology. The incubator is now planning to grow over the 6,000 employee threshold and expand outside France by 2025.

genopole biotech incubator acticor algama glowee

Biotech incubator toscana life sciencesToscana Life Sciences Bioincubator (TLS)

Where: Siena, Italy

Founded: 2004

Focus: Biomedicine

About: The biotech incubator supports companies and nonprofit research groups at every phase of their development with a team of professionals with scientific and industrial backgrounds who are specialized in technology transfer processes as well as a consolidated network of experts and consultants.

Biotech incubator toscana life sciences pologgb vismederi fondazione nibit

Genetrix biotech incubator - EditedGenetrix

Where: Tres Cantos, Spain

Founded: 2001

Focus: Healthcare and diagnostics

About: Located near Madrid, Genetrix is the largest private incubator of biotech companies in Spain. From this incubator comes Cellerix, a company that became part of the Belgian Tigenix, a European pioneer in stem cell therapy.

Biotech incubator Genetrix Cellerix Biobide x-pol biotech

IZB Munich bitoech incubatorInnovation and Startup Center for Biotechnology (IZB)

Where: Munich, Germany

Founded: 1995

Focus: Biomedicine

About: Located in Munich’s Planegg-Martinsried biotech hub, this incubator hosts over 60 medical biotech companies that have close access to top research from the Maximillian University and the Max Planck Institutes. MorphoSys, now the biggest public biotech in Germany, used to be hosted here.

IZB munich evotec immunic pieris amsilk

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