3 EU Biotechs which Over-performed in 2015

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2015 was a crazy year for the Biotech industry, probably the craziest since the birth of the industry 40 years ago. I looked back on this year and here’s my personal top 3 of EU Biotechs which over-performed. I sorted them out in top partnerships, clinical trials and fundraising.

(Of course, this lists is not exhaustive and is not aimed to be so)


Top Partnerships – M&A deals

Galapagos + Gilead – Abbvie

Galapagos is a billion-euro Biotech from Belgium which had a big partnership with Abbvie. The american Biotech decided not to exercise its options, leaving Galapagos no other choice than finding a new partner. And just before the end of year, Galapagos announced it signed a €2Bn deal with Gilead, the extremely successful Californian Biotech. That’s massive!

Bonus video: Exclusive Interview of Galapagos’ SVP Business Development


Top Clinical Trials Results

One-year-old Layla has become the first person ever to be treated for leukemia using UCART19 (Credit: Great Ormond Street Hospital)

Cellectis’ Miracle Saving of a 11-month Baby Girl

CAR-T was the big deal of 2015. This technology using the patient’s own T-Cell to fight cancer is seen as a potential cure for Cancer. The leading European Biotech company in the field is Paris-based Cellectis. Last months, it showed the results from its first patient, a 11-months old british baby girl with terminal Leukemia. She had complete remission after injection of the cells. Impressive!

Bonus article: Exclusive interview of Cellectis’s CEO André Choulika


Top Fundraising

Immunocore’s headquarters (Source: Immunocore)

Immunocore’s monster €300M fundraising

300 million euros is a lot of Money. This has been raised by a single Oxford-based Biotech company. This is actually the biggest private fundraising ever in Europe and the second largest in the World. The company has an robust scientific platform which attracted many top-notch investors including Woodford. It’s great news for the future development of the company and for the European Biotech ecosystem.

Bonus article: Exclusive interview of the CBO of Immunocore

Again, this is just my personal lists. What do you think? What would you have added?

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