GammaDelta Therapeutics Spins Out Cancer Immunotherapy Biotech

16/10/2019 - 2 minutes

The UK biotech GammaDelta Therapeutics has founded Adaptate Biotherapeutics to develop cancer immunotherapies based on antibodies that boost a rare type of immune cell.

Adaptate Biotherapeutics is a spin-out of GammaDelta Therapeutics, a London company founded in 2016 that specializes in using a rare type of immune cells, known as gamma delta T-cells, to fight cancer. The goal of Adaptate Biotherapeutics will be to develop antibody drugs that boost these cells, while GammaDelta Therapeutics will focus on developing cell therapies made from donor gamma delta T-cells.

GammaDelta Therapeutics’ current CSO, Natalie Mount, will become the CEO of Adaptate Biotherapeutics. The new company is supported by funding from investors including the UK VC firm Abingworth and the pharma company Takeda. For a limited time, Takeda will also have the option of acquiring Adaptate Biotherapeutics.

Gamma delta T-cells are a rare type of immune T-cells. Unlike the T-cells used in most cancer cell immunotherapies such as in CAR T-cell immunotherapy, gamma delta T-cells are more suited for use in donor cell therapies. They are also able to fight several types of cancer, including solid tumors.

Gamma delta T-cells have tremendous therapeutic potential that is yet to be fully realized,” stated Paolo Paoletti, CEO of GammaDelta Therapeutics. 

Other companies working with gamma delta T-cells include the Dutch biotech Lava Therapeutics, which is developing bispecific antibodies to boost these cells in patients. The Dutch cell therapy company Gadeta and the UK firm TC Biopharm are also developing cancer cell immunotherapies based on gamma delta T-cells.

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