Adimab, the secret weapon of the Big Pharma companies

Adimab 2

After establishing discovery collaborations with over 30 companies during the past five years (Roche, Pfizer, Genentech, Novartis, Merck, Lilly, Celgene, Novo Nordisk and GSK), it is today with Sanofi that the biotech company Adimab enters into partnership for the development of bispecific antibodies.

Adimab integrated antibody discovery and optimization platform, offers unprecedent speed to purify human lgGs. Adimab offers various bispecific antibodies that meet the highest standards in terms of affinity, epitope coverage, cross-reactions and the development of the final product capacity. Adimab enables its partners to rapidly develop their pipelines of products across a wide range of biotechnologies.

Tillman Gerngross, CEO and co-founder of Adimab, said: “Adimab has recently emerged as a major player in the bispecifics discovery space. Our unique protein engineering capabilities allow us to rapidly build libraries around almost any bispecific construct. All leads are ‘filtered’ through Adimab’s genetically modified yeast strain leading to well-expressing and stable therapeutic leads that can readily be assessed for biological function. No other technology can create such a diverse panel of functional and developable leads in such a short time“.

Adimab and Sanofi entered into a collaboration in which Adimab will use its proprietary platform of discovery and optimization to identify fully human antibodies or bispecifics against multiple targets. For each project, the agreement gives Sanofi the freedom to operate and an exclusive license on the antibodies and bispecifics generated during the collaboration for potential use as therapeutic and/or research. Under the terms of the agreement, Adimab will receive an upfront payment (undisclosed) and payments on key steps. If Sanofi uses one of the products of collaboration for a therapeutic advance, Adimab will also receive license fees and royalties on product sales.

Already considered as a major biotechnology company, Adimab promises to be a leader in the screening and optimization of therapeutic proteins at the service of Big Pharma.

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