Aldevron launches type-V CRISPR Nuclease

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Aldevron, which develops and manufactures plasmid DNA, RNA and proteins for the biotech industry, has launched Eureca-V Nuclease, the wild-type MAD7 CRISPR Type-V nuclease, licensed from Inscripta, at Research Grade, with GMP to follow.   

Aldevron’s launch at Advanced Therapies Week of Eureca-V Nuclease expands the toolkit of available CRISPR nucleases for therapeutic, diagnostic, and agricultural workflows. Purchase of Eureca-V Nuclease conveys a pass-through license for research use, enabling clients to thoroughly evaluate the product without committing to a long-term licensing agreement.   

“The availability of Eureca-V drives forward the entire genomics medicine industry and enhances Aldevron’s position as a supplier of choice for CRISPR drug substances and drug products,” said Tom Foti, vice president/general manager of Aldevron’s protein business unit.

“We are proud to work alongside our partners at Inscripta to bring the innovative, off-the-shelf catalog product to market now as well as provide a clear path to GMP in 2023.”  

Eureca-V at Research Grade ensures that translational CRISPR research can continue at an accelerated pace. The product will support academic and commercial research scientists seeking a wild-type, Type-V CRISPR nuclease that targets T-rich regions of the genome.  

Aldevron addressing global health issues

“We are thrilled to offer Eureca-V product at research grade starting today, and later this year, our clients can expect a smooth transition to our GMP product,” said Venkata Indurthi, chief scientific officer at Aldevron. 

“Aldevron’s extensive history in CRISPR nucleases allows researchers to develop therapies that will eventually address global health issues.”   

Eureca-V will be Aldevron’s third GMP CRISPR nuclease and the first Type-V nuclease available as a GMP catalog product. Aldevron is a leader in the supply of critical raw materials and reagents for cell and gene therapy manufacturing; the company’s portfolio of CRISPR nucleases are applied worldwide in preclinical and clinical research applications.   

The initial license agreement with Inscripta was announced in May 2022.  

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