Beyond Biotech podcast 10: Endpoint Health, Nevrargenics, Triastek

Beyond Biotech podcast 10

This week our guests on the podcast are Xianghao Zuo, deputy director of R&D at Triastek; Endpoint Health CEO Jason Springs; and Andy Whiting, CEO of Nevrargenics.

Triastek and Lilly working together on 3D printing for drugs

A new research collaboration between Chinese company Triastek, Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company will leverage 3D printing technology to achieve precise targeting and programmed drug release in the intestine. 

Triastek has developed 3D printing technology to provide solutions for drug development. According to the agreement, Triastek and Lilly will focus on improving the bioavailability of drugs in the intestine. 

Triastek will first conduct in-depth studies of the excipient – inert ingredients added to a drug product for specific functional roles — to ensure drug stability is maintained during development and 3D printing. Then, Triastek will identify the optimum 3D structure design for achieving targeted and programmed drug release.

Triastek has already received two investigational drug clearances from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its 3D printed drugs, T19 and T20. 

Endpoint Health receives funding for precision immunology pipeline

Endpoint Health, Inc., a therapeutics company dedicated to addressing unmet needs in immune-mediated acute and chronic diseases, recently recveived $52 million in equity and debt financing. 

Proceeds from the financing round are being used to extend the company’s Precision-First platform and expand its therapeutic pipeline to include programs for chronic immune-mediated diseases. 

In addition, proceeds will be used to advance Antithrombin III, the company’s first precision therapy, to a phase II clinical trial for the treatment of sepsis. The company expects to submit its Investigational New Drug application and Investigational Device Exemption to the US Food and Drug Administration for its Antithrombin III program later this year.

Completion of the Series A financing follows Endpoint Health’s announcement of a global collaboration and licensing agreement with Grifols to develop and commercialize Antithrombin III in sepsis.


Nevrargenics Ltd is a UK drug discovery and development company focused on innovative and novel medicines for neurodegenerative disease.

Developed through a commercial team, the research aims to bring a series of drug solutions to market and to service disease areas of major unmet need. The focus area of the company is the development of drugs to target neurodegenerative conditions.

Two research groups, based at Aberdeen and Durham universities, have been collaborating for several years, and through this collaboration, have designed, synthesized and identified a lead drug candidate with the potential for establishing new treatment approaches. 

The strategy is to employ new dual-acting retinoic acid receptor modulators (RAR-M) as the basis for developing a series of new rationally designed, effective treatments, meeting that most severe of unmet needs: neurodegeneration.

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