Beyond Biotech podcast 16: Adocia, Omnio, Phenomix Sciences, Tridek-One

Beyond Biotech podcast 16

This week, we have four guests: Olivier Soula, deputy-CEO and director of R&D at Adocia; Ulrika Norin, CEO of Omnio; Mark Bagnall, CEO of Phenomix Sciences; and Laurence de Schoulepnikoff, CEO of Tridek-One.

We also have our weekly chat with global commercial real estate services company JLL, with Travis McCready. 

This week’s podcast is sponsored by Labforward.

Adocia takes steps with implants for treatment of type 1 diabetes

French biopharma company Adocia has established a first proof of concept for its AdoShell Islets implant by achieving glycemic control without insulin injections in immunocompetent diabetic rats during the 132-day study.

AdoShell Islets is an immuno-protective synthetic biomaterial containing islets of Langerhans. After implantation in diabetic animals, the islets encapsulated in AdoShell secrete insulin in response to blood glucose levels. The physical barrier formed by the AdoShell biomaterial allows the implanted cells to be invisible to the host’s immune system while allowing the necessary physiological exchanges to occur for the survival and function of the islets.

Phenomix Sciences’ precision obesity biobanking registry and outcomes study

Phenomix Sciences, a precision obesity biotechnology company,has launched a biobanking registry and outcomes study. The registry will evaluate variability in obesity treatment response by collecting patients’ DNA, metabolomics, hormones, and behavioral assessments, in relation to treatment outcomes. The data collected will supplement the 20 billion unique data points that make up the Phenomix Sciences Obesity Platform. Mayo Clinic is the first to enroll in the registry and is expected to contribute patient outcomes from 2,000 patients undergoing obesity treatment.  

The biobanking registry is a critical milestone in Phenomix’s mission to conquer obesity by creating unprecedented access to clinical and molecular data throughout all stages of the disease.  Outcomes data from biobanks across the registry will supplement Phenomix’s database of biological and clinical data matched to the four obesity phenotypes.  Insights generated from the database are being used to develop the company’s first therapy selection test, the first of its kind in the obesity space.

Tridek-One closes €16M funding round to develop candidates to tackle auto-immune diseases

Tridek-One SAS, a French biotech startup specialized in the research and development of CD31 agonists to restore immune balance, recently closed a €16 million ($16.1 million) new financing round.

The funds will primarily be used to identify development candidates against auto-immune diseases, to conduct IND-enabling studies and to further build the organization. The company previously raised €3 million ($3.02 million) in a first round in 2019 involving AdBio partners and Advent Life Sciences.

Omnio receives funding for plasminogen to treat chronic wounds

Swedish company Omnio AB has shown plasminogen is a pro-inflammatory regulator of inflammation that can be used to treat chronic wounds with dysfunctional inflammation.

The company, a spin off from Umeå University, said the drug could mean a global treatment revolution for wounds that never heal. 

Non-healing chronic wounds are a major global health problem and pose a burden to patients, healthcare professionals, and the healthcare system. The most problematic are diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, and pressure ulcers. 

The Umeå-based biopharmaceutical company has received a capital injection of €1.5 million ($1.5 million) from its shareholders to be used for ongoing development work and to start on a blueprint for manufacturing. 

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