BioNTech and Siemens to build a new Production plant for Personalized Cancer Vaccines

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Personalized medicine is the next thing and immunotherapy expert BioNTech is determined to build its place in this competitive field. With this purpose in mind, the German biotech will partner with Siemens to build a new production plant for personalized cancer vaccines.

Founded in 2008, the BioNTech Group has become one of the fastest-growing biotechnology companies in Europe. Its secret? The development of higly-needed novel biopharmaceuticals. The German biotech has signed strategic collaborations in the past few months in the immuno-oncology field, namely with Genmab and Eli Lilly, for instance. Thanks to the last of these partnerships, BioNTech will develop a new manufacturing site for cancer vaccines. To this aim, the company will count with Siemens’ help.

Siemens, the technology giant, offered its manufacturing operations management software to BioNTech. The manufacturing of personalized medicine is connected with massive amounts of data that needs to be handled with appropriate software.

IVAC MUTANOME, BioNTech’s treatments, are two RNA-based cancer vaccines targeting two tumor-associated antigens as well as tumor-specific mutations. Thanks to this collaboration, BioNTech will be able to build a fully automated and digitalized production site to develop its cutting-edge therapies.

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