C4XD and HitGen to collaborate on inflammation hit identification project

inflammatory disease

Drug discovery company C4X Discovery Holdings plc and HitGen Inc., which develops DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology, are to collaborate on identifying novel, small molecule hits against an inflammatory target for further C4XD development.

The aim of the project is to augment C4XD’s pipeline of small molecule inflammatory disease candidates for pre-clinical development and out-licensing to the pharmaceutical industry.  

In this initial collaboration, C4XD and HitGen have developed an approach for HitGen to apply its DEL screening technology platform to identify hits against a commercially valuable target for inflammatory diseases.  

If successful, C4XD will then apply its molecule design Conformetrix technology to translate these hits into suitable starting points for a small molecule program, which can then be progressed through C4XD’s drug discovery process.  C4XD has the option to extend the collaboration with HitGen during the drug discovery phase to leverage HitGen’s R&D capabilities.

Small molecule discovery

Clive Dix, CEO of C4XD, said: “In line with our strategy to collaborate with innovative technology partners, C4XD extensively evaluates the small molecule discovery landscape and builds relationships with high potential complementary companies.  We believe this collaboration with HitGen gives us access to a world-leading screening technology, which perfectly complements both our drug discovery expertise and Conformetrix technology and could enable C4XD to unlock a highly challenging target in inflammation.  We are looking forward to working with their team and continuing to build on this exciting relationship.”

Jin Li, chairman of the board and CEO of HitGen, said: “C4XD is a highly innovative company and has developed some very high-value assets using their proprietary Conformetrix technology. Combining their expertise with HitGen’s world leading DNA-encoded library technology platform, we look forward to identifying good starting points for further development into valuable leads for the inflammatory target. We hope the collaboration could eventually turn into a strong partnership to deliver a number of solutions for highly unmet medical needs.”

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