CRISPR Therapeutics opens Boston R&D Office to Win the CRISPR War

CRISPR Therapeutics

CRISPR Therapeutics appointed Bill Lundberg to Chief Scientific Officer to lead the company’s development programs and to spearhead the creation of its R&D operations in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The biopharmaceutical company was founded in Basel, Switzerland, by Emanuelle Charpentier, one of the pioneer scientists in the CRISPR field. The company is focused on translating CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology into transformative medicines for serious human diseases. The field may be recent, but it is evolving fast (check our review in the topic: The CRISPR’s Therapeutical revolution).

The company is offer job positions for its new workplace, that won’t be far away from Editas Medicine and Intellia Therapeutics, two of the company’s principal competitors.

Dr. Bill Lundberg
Dr. Bill Lundberg

CRISPR-Cas9 is a breakthrough in our ability to treat serious diseases, and we are now focused on translating this discovery into important new therapies for patients. Our new Cambridge, Massachusetts, location provides us with close access to our academic founders and their extensive networks, as well as a large pool of scientific talent to drive our discovery and development programs.” stated Dr. Lundberg.

This company is yet another example of the great biotechs that can be found on Labiotech Map.

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