Interview: CureVac, the ‘RNA’ People’s Pioneering Strategy to get mRNA Therapies onto the Market

12/11/2015 - 1 minute

I am still at the mRNA Convention in Berlin…and was invited for a second interview – this time with the ‘RNA People’, battling to be the first to get an mRNA Drug onto the Worldwide Market.

1 CureVac mit Claim RGBI had a chat with Franz-Werner Haas, the Chief Corporate Office of CureVac. We talked a lot about this German Biotech here and for good reasons. It is the pioneer in mRNA therapies, starting clinical trials in 2008 and now has the most advanced trial running (phase 2b in Cancer) with strong supporters including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Right – Bill Gates & CureVac (Source: SWR) Left – Labiotech Montage (Source: CureVac)

Based in Tübingen, CureVac has also recently announced a new €100M investment into their RNA platform, on top of the €200M they already raised. This platform was developed for prophylactic purposes for common viruses, pipeline candidates for prostate cancer, lung cancer and research into vaccines for HIV, Tuborculosis and Rabies.

All very good starting points for the discussion…

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