Cyclica and SK Chemicals to co-develop novel therapeutics

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Cyclica Inc. and SK Chemicals Co., Ltd. have announced an AI-driven drug discovery and development partnership to develop therapies across a range of disease areas.

Under this collaboration, Cyclica will deploy its proprietary drug discovery platforms to identify novel drug candidates for challenging biological targets across therapeutic areas of mutual interest to both companies. SK Chemicals will be responsible for the preclinical and clinical development and worldwide commercialization of these pharmaceuticals.

“This partnership is a tremendous opportunity to create innovative drug therapies across a number of therapeutic areas. Having Cyclica and SK Chemicals join forces will provide both companies with a competitive advantage, allowing for major advances in understanding disease mechanisms and the potential development of new therapeutics for patients,” said Naheed Kurji, co-founder, president and CEO of Cyclica.

“We believe Cyclica’s technology will help SK Chemicals to develop novel therapeutic candidates against difficult biological targets with little information available. We seek to create synergy arising by combining SK Chemicals’ organizational excellence and development experience with Cyclica’s expertise and know-how,” said Yun Ho Kim, head of the pharma business division at SK Chemicals.

 “We are thrilled to collaborate with SK Chemicals. This partnership will leverage our respective strengths in creating new therapeutics for patients and while promoting human health,” said Vern De Biasi, chief partnership officer at Cyclica.

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