CytoReason expands deal with Sanofi to look at IBD

ibd Inflammatory bowel disease

CytoReason, which creates computational disease modeling, has announced an expansion of its collaboration with Sanofi.

The multi-year collaboration will further fuel Sanofi’s target discovery efforts via CytoReason’s AI platform in the field of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), to identify patient subtypes and pair them with IBD targets. In 2021, Cytoreason announced the initiation of a project with Sanofi utilizing cell-centered models to suggest mechanistic insights for asthma endotypes.

Under the terms of the expanded agreement, Sanofi will pay CytoReason an undisclosed multimillion dollar amount. Sanofi has previously applied Cytoreason’s cell-centered model to better understand asthma patient subtypes. 

“It’s exciting to see the growing adoption of our technology by world-leading pharma companies,” said David Harel, CEO & co-founder of CytoReason

“By harnessing our game-changing AI capabilities, we hope to help Sanofi’s scientists identify novel and personalized targets in IBD, and to prioritize targets in their pipeline. CytoReason’s innovative machine learning methods, supported by proprietary human data, is paving the way for top pharma and biotech companies to reimagine drug R&D.”

“At Sanofi, our drug discovery strategy is driven by precision medicine. We seek to describe diseases at the molecular and cellular level to understand the causes underpinning different patient responses to treatments, and to ultimately match the right medicine to the right patient,” said Emanuele de Rinaldis, global head of precision medicine and computational biology at Sanofi

“We are pleased to expand our collaboration with CytoReason and look forward to applying insights from this collaboration as we work to develop new treatments for patients with IBD.”

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