Danish Startup Biosyntia grabs €1.7M to Inject Synthetic Biology into Vitamin Production

biosyntia andreas

Biosyntia is a Danish start-up company in the synthetic biology field. The company aims at replacing chemical-based vitamin production by sustainable and fermentation-based processes. Yesterday, during our Denmark Biotech Tour, we met Andreas Laustsen, one of Biosyntia‘ founders who told us that the company has just raised €1,7M from Novo Seeds.

The startup was founded in 2012 by a group of highly-skilled young scientists, including the youngest danish professor ever and the awarded Denmark’s coolest engineer! Biosyntia developped biocatalysts at unprecedented speed and efficiency by employing a patent pending high-throughput screening technology.

As Laustsen outlined very well: “When trying to find new biocatalytic enzymes or pathways, others look for the needle in the haystack by going through the haystack straw by straw. Our technology has enabled us to burn down the haystack”

The company already received numerous grants and recognitions (such as making the Top 5 most innovative start-up companies in Europe) and has now finished a €1.7M financing round to establish a biobased vitamin production platform.

Laustsen then told us about the vision of the startup: “With the new investment, we intend to build our vitamin business case up to a point, where we can prove that our microorganisms, or biocatalysts as we call them at Biosyntia, are very profitable to use when you are producing vitamins.

The lead investor of this round is none other than Novo Seeds. One of the largest life science investors in Danemark, who happens to be part of the Novo foundation, known for owning a large number of shares in Novo Nordisk, Novozymes and even Chr Hansen.

Søren Carlsen, Managing Partner of Novo Ventures and Novo Seeds declared: “We invest worldwide and only in the companies with unique differentiators and competitive edges. We believe that Biosyntia has the potential to build a world leading synthetic biology platform and accordingly can attract international strategic partners and investors

In short: a great team, amazing technology and experienced investors to bring major breakthroughs in sustainable vitamin production. Top that!

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