Deinove Reaches Critical Milestones and Gets Recognition in the US

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May 2015 is a great month for Deinove! The French company focused on Deinococci bacteria for green chemistry. Deinove reached critical milestone achievements in its industrial collaboration with Avril and their scientists gained major recognition in the US. Deinove is definitely on the front of the stage!

A few days ago, Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of Deinove, declared that “All Deinove teams are proud to collaborate with such great scientists and their contribution to the development of our company is invaluable”

Indeed, Petiot can be proud of its scientists; Miroslav Radman, co-founder and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the company was elected member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences; and Rodney J. Rothstein, member of Deinove’s Board of Directors since 2010, was also nominated a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

But, the company can also take pride in its progress regarding the COLOR2B project. The agreement, signed back in August 2014 by Deinove and Sofiprotéol (renamed Avril), the COLOR2B, launched a project aiming at developing a production process for natural feed additives.

Last week, the company announced the completion of the 1st phase consisting in screening its 6,000-bacteria bank of Deinococci and other genera. As a result, 20 strains capable of producing useful molecules in terms of animal nutrition and health have been selected. The goal of the 2nd stage now is to confirm each molecule’s potential and to optimize the production conditions in order to assess their commercial potential.

“Wagering on the wealth of the Deinove strain bank has paid off for us and our collaboration is starting out under the best of auspices. We are now moving on to the next phase aimed at validating the potential of the selected bacteria in real applications,” said Jean-François Rous, VP Research and Innovation at Avril.

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