Eisai receives Europe’s OK for its Thyroid Cancer treatment

Eisai European comission

Lenvatinib, Eisai’s treatment of thyroid cancer, has received the marketing authorization of the European Commission. The Japanese company is increasing its European presence with Lenvatinib, an orally administered molecular-targeted agent.

Lenvatinib, commercially sold under the name Lenvima, is a designated orphan drug in Japan, the United States and in Europe for the treatment of people with radioactive iodine refractory differentiated thyroid cancer. The drug, discovered and developed by Eisai, is an oral therapy that possesses a potent selectivity and a binding mode of action different to other tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI).

Lenvatinib simultaneously inhibits the activities of several different receptors including vascular endothelial growth factor receptors, fibroblast growth factor receptors and platelet-derived growth factor receptors. This potentially makes lenvatinib the first TKI that simultaneously inhibits the kinase activities of these growth factors, blocking the tumor growth.

Eisai has a worldwide presence with manufacturing sites in Japan, the States (North Carolina, Maryland), Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India and UK. The company has a particular focus on the United States, where Lenvima was approved in April.

The company is also keeping an eye on the fields of dementia and cancer treatment, where Eisai considers that significant growth is imminent. In regards to the field of dementia treatment, the company is promoting the development of next-generation treatments, although Eisai recently lost its patent exclusivity in Aricept, its Alzheimer’s drug.

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