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Any scientist knows how expensive purchasing new equipment can be. However, one platform, flash4Science, in particular caught our attention. The company located in Germany has set itself an interesting challenge as it tries to combine life sciences and private shopping together. Two domains, which, on paper, seem completely incompatible! It is the world’s first biotech webshop offering time-limited live deals from both well-established and new brands for the life science community.

The aim of the company, therefore, is to enable scientist to waste as little time and money on shopping as possible, so they can focus longer on their research. Scientists can buy products from various suppliers within a single order and have to pay only one invoice. Keeping in mind long and complicated order approval processes in research institutions, this might be indeed a bottleneck breaker for scientific supplies.

You’re probably thinking: “Great… another company that sells science equipment” right? Wrong! Flash4science distinguishes itself from other platforms thanks to their cleverly organized “flash sales” offers. These last long enough for internal order processing: orders are immediately and directly shipped from the supplier, who also provides technical support. flash4science also offers you the possibility of ordering free samples from multiple suppliers within a single order, free of charge. To benefit from such an offer, simply go to their website and order your “Flash Coupons” for free.

The idea resembles very much what Groupon does. The only difference lies in the fact that flash4science offers these coupons for free, aware that no University has the budget for such discount coupons.

Founded in late 2014 and operating in the UK, US and Germany, flash4science has reached a broad audience in biotechnology market via social medias. A philosophy that CEO Rasa Sehlmeyer puts perfectly into words “Understanding that scientists are humans, not institutions; we bring fun & inspiration to science supplies”.

Want to try it? Visit flash4science

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