French Nanomedicine Biotech Gets €21M to Kill Cancer with ‘Beam Rays’

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Nanobiotix (France) has had a successful private placement in, raising €21.3M to advance the clinical development of its localised radiotherapy for Cancer.

nanobiotix_private_placement_€21M_nanoxray_sarcoma_phase3_liver_head_neck_prostate_cancer_nbtxr3_nanomedicine_radiotherapy_localizedLocated in Paris’ superbiocluster, Nanobiotix wants to change the way cancer is treated – but in a different way from most Biotech strategies. It is developing NanoXRay, a paradigm-shifting nanotechnology for localised radiotherapy.

Nanobiotix has now raised €21.3M in a private placement in US and Europe markets, issuing over 1.4 million new shares at €15.051 each – about 10% of the company’s equity.

Stock price of Nanobiotix, in the last few days, with private placement on the 11th of March (top), and since listing (bottom). (Source: Google Finance)

All these new funds will be used to support the clinical development of its leading candidate, NBTXR3, which is the first product of the NanoXray pipeline for intra-tumoral injection. This therapy can target indications where access is feasible, such as a treatment for liver cancers, gliobastoma (a type of brain tumour), rectal, prostate, head and neck cancers.

NBTXR3 has already completed a phase I for soft tissue sarcoma in mid-2014, and has advanced for a phase II/III trial for the same indication in October 2014 (which should be done by the end of 2016).

It is also in phase I/II for head and neck cancer, livers cancers and rectum cancer, and has received FDA authorization to conduct a phase I/II trial for prostate cancer in the US.

By localizing the radiotherapy, NanoXray can have more therapeutic effect without raising the radiation dose – widening the therapeutic window (Source: Nanobiotix)

In addition to supporting these trials, Nanobiotix wants to prepare market access and launch, as well as developing other preclinical programs to study the use of NBTXR3 in combination with immuno-oncology drugs.

We interviewed the founding CEO of Nanobiotix, Laurent Levy, shortly after the start of soft tissue sarcoma phase II/III trial. Levy discussed the market access strategy for nanoparticles, as well as their plans for Europe and US marketing.

Nanobiotix has currently a market cap of €234M and seems on track to commercialize the first product of its NanoXRay pipeline. 

Nanobiotix’ explanation of how NanoXRays work…

Feature credit image: Graphics by Nanobiotix

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