The German Accelerator in Boston’s 4 Rising Biotech Stars

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During the 34th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, the German Accelerator Life Sciences (GALS) announced the first four companies to participate in its Cambridge-based program.

german_accelerator_life_sciences_ayoxxa_pepperprint_sonormedGermany has a long-standing reputation for life science innovation. However, most pharmaceutical and biotech companies are now headquartered in the US, and significantly more digital health solutions are developed in Silicon Valley and Boston than in Berlin or Munich..

GALS is part of a broader initiative of the German government to foster high-tech innovation and life science entrepreneurship in Germany. Now, these 4 start-up biotechs will be nurtured over the next 12 months, to push their business ideas to success, from from treating tinnitus patients with filtered music and preventing stroke via a mobile ECG app.

So who are the lucky 4?

AYOXXA Biosystems

AYOXXA has invented a technology platform to analyze very low amounts of multiple protein biomarkers in biological samples, simultaneously and with high precision (up to 10,000-fold more data points than a standard immunoassay). Its Lunaris BioChips will innovate proteome research in biomedicine, pharmacological screening, and pre-clinical diagnostics development.

Based in Cologne (Germany), Singapore, and now Boston, AYOXXA’s immunoassays have already been put to the test in a collaboration with Grünenthal, and the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) on opthalamic diagnostic tools.


Sonormed is a MedTech with a focus on Digital Audiology, founded 2012 in Hamburg. Its interdisciplinary team of sound engineers, computer scientists, and neurobiologists developed their medical product Tinnitracks.

Tinnitracks is a neuro-acoustic treatment option for tinnitus patients available as smartphone and web app. It filters patients’ individual tinnitus frequency in a complex process from their favorite music songs, thus providing a reliable and personalised tinnitus therapy that is neuro-scientifically validated. Amazing…

Sonormed’s Tinnitracks uses the Patient’s own music to generate a frequency therapy for Tinnitus in partnership with Sennheiser Headphones (Graphics Remix Source: Tinnitracks)


PEPperPRINT is a young biotech based in Heidelberg. It owns a proprietary laser printing technology that enables the generation of high density peptide microarrays in a uniquely fast and flexible style.

PEPperPRINT provides custom and standard peptide microarrays as well as analytical and screening services like epitope mapping, serum antibody profiling, biomarker discovery, vaccine development, or peptide target binder discovery.

In addition to its technological leadership, PEPperPRINT is ISO 9001 certified and already working with 9 of the top 10 pharma companies. Woah!

PEPperPRINT’s platform technology enables for the first time the generation of high density peptide microarrays with a unique content flexibility and in a cost-effective manner. (Source: PEPperPrint)

Personal MedSystems

Personal MedSystems is a pioneer in digital health that develops mobile diagnostic devices to enable the delivery of mobile healthcare. Its CardioSecur product portfolio comprises mobile and innovative ECG technologies that allow both patients and physicians to perform instant heart checks wherever they are.

CardioSecur is the first and only mobile 22-lead ECG system with only 4 electrodes, easy to use for physicians and patients. Personal MedSystems has locations in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany.personal_medsystems_cardiosecur_german_accelerator_life_science_boston_biotech_startup

Personal MedSystems’ CardioSecur tech is to digitally take an Electrocardiogram with a smartphone (Source: CardioSecur)

Feature Image Credit: Boston, Massachusetts (Graphics Source: German Life Sciences Accelerator)
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