This French Device Could Repair Holes in the Heart

HoliStick Medical Catheter Device 5

HoliStick Medical, a Paris-based startup, is developing a novel catheter device that can repair holes in the heart without the use of sutures.

HoliStick Medical, has gained the exclusive rights to develop a catheter device created by Harvard University and MIT. The catheter is designed to repair holes and tissue defects in the heart and other organs without the use of sutures or rigid devices.

Recently founded, HoliStick Medical is funded by Truffle’s new BioMedTech fund and raised €85M at it initial closing in January.

“Right now, the way clinicians close holes in the heart or other organs is with bulky devices which remain permanently on tissues,” Phillipe Pouletty, co-founder and CEO of Truffle Capital, explained to me. “One would prefer a device which could induce regeneration of normal tissue or septum, and this is the direction we are taking with this invention.”

According to Dr. Pouletty, the device uses “patches that will induce reconstitution of normal tissue and can be biodegradable, and so that you wouldn’t have protruding moieties, and after a number of months you would have a normal septum.” The device also promises to ease access to difficult-to-reach organs.

French biotech Carmat, another member of Truffle’s portfolio, is developing an implantable heart with an optimized design of ventricular cavities to optimize bloodflow.

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