Ilya Pharma finalizes global patent coverage for modified lactic acid bacteria to treat wounds

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Ilya Pharma, a Swedish clinical stage biopharma company focused on delivering local immunotherapies to patients, has announced the issue of four new patents.

These are: one in India, and continuation patents in China, Australia and the U.S. This means the company’s method for using modified bacteria for treatment of both mucosal and cutaneous wounds in humans and animals has patent protection in all major markets.

The Indian Patent Office (IPO) issued the company patent “Methods for Wound Healing,” which covers the general use of lactic acid bacteria transformed with a plasmid capable of expressing the wound healing protein CXCL12 in Lactobacillus reuteri, as well as pharmaceutical products and medical devices. 

Ilya Pharma’s growing portfolio

Ilya Pharma is currently developing a portfolio of three first-in-class immunotherapies for skin and mucosal diseases, including ILP100-Topical for treatment surgical wounds in diabetic, prediabetic and obese patients especially at risk, ILP100-Topical for diabetic ulcers and ILP100-Oral for patients with immune mediated enterocolitis resulting from cancer treatment with checkpoint inhibitors.

CEO and co-founder Evelina Vågesjö said: “We are delighted to have received this first patent in India, as well the continuation patents in China, Australia and USA, to add to our now robust patent portfolio. Our approach is attracting increasing interest because of both the low cost of manufacture and excellent temperature stability.

“As stated previously, we believe that this patent further supports the recognition of the therapeutic modality letting lactic acid bacteria deliver the therapeutic protein locally where it is needed – like bioreactors for on-the-body-production of drugs, bringing the treatments closer to the patients.”

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