The Construction of an Industrial Algae Production Plant Begins in Austria

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BDI-BioEnergy produces algae for the food, pharma, and cosmetics industries. Now, it will build an industrial production plant to house its technology.

BDI-BioEnergy is a specialized plant engineering company based in Styria, Austria. On Saturday, the company signaled the start of the construction of an industrial plant that will use its photobioreactor system to produce algae biomass. This marks BDI’s first step into the raw materials sector, as its new subsidiary, BDI-BioLife, will supply companies in the food supplements, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.

Edgar Ahn, a member of BDI’s management board, commented: “By building this industrial plant, we can guarantee location-independent and cost-efficient production of valuable, high-quality algae products under optimal, environmentally friendly conditions.” The project will also have a big impact on the region: “[It will] provide benefits, jobs and thus quality of life… I am sure this project will further accelerate the development of green technologies in Styria,” said Austria‘s Minister of Economic Affairs Barbara Eibinger-Miedl.

The company’s main focus is the production of biodiesel from a range of raw materials, including animal fats, cooking oil, and vegetable oil, using its ‘Multi-Feedstock’ process. Another European biotech working in the biofuels area is Global Bioenergies, which recently signed an agreement with car manufacturer Audi to develop renewable gasoline.

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