Infographic: A Handy Guide to the European Synthetic Biology Startup Scene

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The rise of Synthetic biology has radicalised how the biotech industry innovates, develops and invests. Here is an infographic put together by SynBioBeta (the ‘Activity hub for the SynBio industry’).

Synbio is now an essential source of research, particularly in the Greentech field. For example, Deinove (France) has signed major partnerships with the US on Synbio production of biofuels with their genetically engineered Deinococcus platform. Then you have giants like Novozymes (Denmark), who are leading the field across US and European waters.

On a smaller and often more creative scale, home-grown synbio is hugely popular in the biohacking scene, with educators who make the field more accessible to students. Among them is Bento Lab, which was just launched on Kickstarter last week. This has all been further popularised in Universities and schools through the international iGEM competition, organized annually by the MIT in Boston.

Then there are bioartists, exploring the diversity of the field, and versatility of microbiology to explore complex cultural attitudes and engage the public with science. As you can see, as the field continues to grow at such a fast pace, it is difficult to keep track of who is doing what — and how investors can invest smartly.

Here is the ‘5 Minute Guide to the Synthetic Biology Startup Landscape in Europe’ SynBioBeta:


Interested in learning a bit more than a quick five-minute overview can provide? Attend SynBioBeta London 2016, April 6th – 8th and “Connect with the Synthetic Biology Global Community”.

The full-size infographic and pdf can be found on SynBioBeta’s site here.
Feature Image Credit: SynBioBeta; Eranicle / BitStock ID75460894
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