Infographic: The Top 8 Deadliest Cancers and Who in Biotech is Fighting Them

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With more than 200 types of cancer, the possibility of developing a Universal Cure is in reality, a myth. However, the fight against the World’s Deadliest Cancers is far from being lost…

Simply by having a quick look through our articles, we can easily confirm that cancer is one of the World’s main concerns in terms of health. You can read our reviews on how Biotech differs in its approach to tackling these cancers compared to chemotherapy, and how CAR-T is the Immuno-Oncology Revolution.

This is by all means, not an exhaustive list, and we chose 3 biotechs per type of cancer as an overview. Read more on the original article from January.

So what are some of the deadliest, and who in Biotech is working against them? 



Infographic by Justine Braguy for Labiotech


aaeaaqaaaaaaaazhaaaajdjmyzg2nwfmltliogitngiwnc04mmyxltaxyjcxnzvjntmxygJustine Braguy is pursuing a PhD at the Heinrich Heine Universität in Düsseldorf and KAUST in Saudi Arabia after obtaining a Masters in Biotechnology at Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg (ESBS). In her spare time, she creates colourful infographics like this one! Check out her other work for us here.


Feature Image Credit:  © tashatuvango  (BigStock ID69282754)

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