An Innovative Test to Detect Colon Cancer on Time

colon cancer

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, BioVendor and SCIENION today announced that the three organizations will partner on the development of an in-vitro diagnostic test for colon cancer. The innovative test kit shall identify cancer at an early stage based on tumor autoantibody biomarkers.

The three structures will work closely together to develop the in-vitro diagnostic test for the global market. AIT provides their previously identified and patented biomarkers, specific for blood-based diagnosis of colon cancer. A biomarker is a substance or a process that can be measured in the body which influences or predict the incidence of a disease, here the colon cancer. The antibodies will attach to it will be easily detectable by machines.

BioVendor, represented by its subsidiary company TestLine Clinical Diagnostics, will bring in its development expertise and distribution network. SCIENION contributes with its longstanding expertise, in the microarray market and will be responsible for assay development and manufacturing using the company’s high-quality microtiter plates.

The three companies will work closely together to develop the in-vitro diagnostic test for the global market and we wish them a great success.


Martin Weber, Head of the business unit Molecular Diagnostics at AIT said: “We are entering the cooperation with BioVendor and SCIENON extremely enthusiastic and we strongly believe that the newly formed consortium has the power to perfectly drive forward AITs breakthrough biomarker technologies into market-ready solutions.”


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