Interview with Two Key People of the Fight Against Lupus

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I was in Paris this week in the building of the Rare Disease Alliance, an association helping patients affected by a rare disease. The association lend their space to Neovacs, a biotech company from Paris, which was organising a gathering of experts of lupus.

neovacs_logo_immunotherapy_lupus_stellarLupus is one of the most common rare disease and affects more than 5 million people worldwide. This meet-up was a good opportunity for me to talk with Prf. Jean Sibilia,  Head of the National Reference Centre for Systemic Autoimmune Diseases and Miguel Sieler, CEO of Neovacs which develops a drug candidate against this disease.


Learn more in the video below!

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We’re preparing a special article to be published for World Lupus Day on May 10th. Stay tuned on!



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