Next Generation Sequencing: the final step to massively adopt Personalized Medicine

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For several decades, physicians have been dreaming of a Personalized Medicine, able to treat patients according to their genetic profile. The development of Next Generation Sequencing techniques can be the ultimate step before a massive adoption of personalized medicine.

The world of medicine is shifting from the traditional “one size fits all” approach to one where the genetic profile of patients is used to make the most effective clinical decisions for individual patients – a concept known as Personalized Medicine.

The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a critical need to empower the potential of personalized medicine. NGS has drastically reduced the cost of sequencing a human genome, from $100 million before 2002 to a mere $1,000 today. However, the massive adoption of personalized medicine in hospitals is still facing challenges. Automated systems for sequencing DNA or spot-checking for genetic variation at low costs are essential to progress in both research and clinical applications, and this is pushing forward the need for new tools adapted to the Next Generation Sequencing equipment.

SYGNIS, headquartered in Germany and Spain, specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative products for DNA amplification and sequencing.

Based on its proprietary technologies, SYGNIS has developed a commercial product portfolio addressing key challenges in the fast growing fields of molecular biology and next generation sequencing applications.

Its lead product, TruePrime, for example is revolutionary in genome amplification. DNA amplification is a crucial step in NGS for all platforms available today. Without this step, the NGS can’t work, as most of the times there is not enough genetic material to undergo analysis.

TruePrime is a revolutionary novel amplification method based on the combination of the recently discovered TthPrimPol (an enzyme obtained from the thermophilic bacteria Thermus thermophiles) and Phi29 DNA polymerase for the amplification of genomic DNA from single cells or limited sample material.

TruePrime personalized medicine next generation sequencing
This is how TruePrime works!


As shown in the figure above, TruePrime is the only technology available in the market that amplifies DNA without the need of random primers. The result is an increased fidelity with the original DNA, a reduce bias but also the elimination of any DNA contamination that it is also amplified with the technologies using random primers. TruePrime has been truly made for the use in NGS market and can be a key for the wide adoption of the technique.

TruePrime exists in 3 different kits adapted to your needs, that you can find HERE (with full protocol information on website).


The NGS Market is today mainly captured by San Diego-based Illumina, which owns over 60% of the worldwide market shares. But other companies are trying to find alternatives to increase the potential of NGS and make it accessible to the clinic.

According to Sygnis’ CEO, Pilar de la Huerta: “Illumina’s technology is clearly the best on the market today but in some steps like the amplification of DNA, there is still a lot to do. If we want to expand personalized medicine, we should innovate at every step of the NGS to make it more affordable and more accessible”.

Based on its proprietary technologies, SYGNIS has developed a portfolio of products addressing key challenges in the fast growing field of NGS. Key products include the already mentioned TruePrime but also SensiPhi, licensed to an industry leading partner and used also for DNA amplification as well as the SunScript Reverse Transcriptase product family to convert genetic information from RNA molecules back to DNA.

Sygnis’ future products also include a technology able to amplify the circulating cell free DNA in blood. Such technology can be used for example in early detection of cancers in blood (liquid biopsies). Sygnis is standing at the top of the innovation in this field and can bring personalized medicine one step further to the clinic!

With the promise to make personalized medicine a reality, the NGS field is becoming one of the most promising technologies for the future. Thanks to companies as innovative as Sygnis, we can expect to see a true era of personalized medicine becoming reality sooner than expected!

Find out more about Sygnis’ products on their online shop!


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