Oh dear, Allergan is doing its 4th product recall in 2015 …

26/08/2015 - 2 minutes

Allergan is fighting with manufacturing problems – again! The packaging of some eye treating products were defective and contaminated the eye ointments. Due to safety concerns, these products are recalled by the Irish company.

Customers were complaining that when unscrewing the cap from the aluminum tube of the eye oinments, particles from the cap were introduced to the product. The contamination triggered eye pain, eye swelling or blurred vision.

Four products were affected, namely Refresh Lacri-Lube, Refresh P.M., FML (fluorometholone ophthalmic ointment) 0.1%, and Blephamide (sulfacetamide sodium and prednisolone acetate ophthalmic ointment, USP) 10%/0.2%. Allergan recommended to contact the physician when those eye irritation occurred and decided to recall them all.

This is only one out of many manufacturing problems that Allergan is facing this year. In January, shortly before renaming itself into Allergan, Actavis recalled 64,719 bottles of its epilepsy treating gabapentin capsules that were manufactured in faulty Indian plants. In March, the company accidentally shipped a batch of its exocin eye drops in Danish language to the UK. Plus, 511,283 boxes of birth control packs were recalled in July because they were out-dated.

Allergan’s manufacturing problems are piling up this year. As one of the World’s Top Ten drugmakers, the company should keep sight of it.

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