Biotech of the week: Opsona Therapeutics, The Leading Irish Immuno-Oncology Biotech

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This week we say farewell to Austria and head North-West, across the United Kingdom and land in the Emerald Isle, Ireland, where we arrive at our destination, Dublin. The capital city of Ireland is the home of the very famous Irish dry stout, Trinity College (plus its stunning library) and a nearly 900-year-old cathedral. It is also the residence for our biotech of the week: Opsona Therapeutics


City: Dublin, Ireland

Founded: 2004

Financial Data: €51.7M total raised (as of 02/15)

Employees: 19 (02/15)


CEO of Opsona Therapeutics, Dr. Martin Welschof (CC Nextera)

Mission: Opsona Therapeutics is currently at the forefront of drug development in immunology research, with the focus being on the modulation of the human innate immune system. Opsona is primarily looking into tackling the pathways that initiate the innate immune system, such as Toll-Like Receptors (TLRs) and the inflammasome. They currently have one product in the pipeline, OPN-305, a TLR-specific monoclonal antibody and pre-clinical data indicates it is a potent inhibitor of TLR mediated pro-inflammatory cytokine production. It is hoped this will be beneficial in the treatment of cardiac/kidney disease, sepsis, and cancer. Currently, OPN-305 is in phase II trials for renal transplants and I/II for myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).

Comments: Opsona Therapeutics has been co-founded by Luke O’Neill, who is one of the leading Biotech researchers in Ireland. Our partner team in Ireland had the chance to interview him and came away very impressed. He has been working on Toll-Like Receptors for many years and is willing to translate his research into the industry through Biotech companies such as Opsona Therapeutics. This gives a solid scientific asset to the company which now has to obtain positive data from its clinical trials.

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