French Partnership Deploys AI for Antibody Drug Discovery

Memo Therapeutics Antibody

French companies OSE Immunotherapeutics and MAbSilico are teaming up to drive the discovery of new antibody drugs using artificial intelligence.

The three-year partnership will use artificial intelligence, or AI, in six programs designed to accelerate the development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that can target cancer and autoimmune diseases. 

AI can improve the efficiency of drug development by analyzing large datasets, setting algorithms to help find a molecular target or pathway, predicting the action of a potential therapy, aiding bioproduction, and much more.

Dominique Costantini, OSE Immunotherapeutics’ Chairman and Director of Development, told me that AI could improve their selection of drug candidates.

OSE provides internal data to MAbSilico in order to feed their algorithms and the synergy allows [us] to determine early the final candidate able to enter in development,” she remarked.

The data provided by OSE Immunotherapeutics will help MAbSilico speed up the release of new software and technology.

In return, OSE Immunotherapeutics gains the use of MAbSilico’s existing proprietary technology and algorithms. OSE Immunotherapeutics also gets early access to the deep tech startup’s Software as a Service, or SaaS — a type of service where the user pays for a license to software hosted by the provider, like many cloud storage websites. The SaaS — currently in development — will help users identify a therapeutic target and select a candidate antibody that can enter production.

OSE Immunotherapeutics hopes to deploy the partnership on fusion protein technology called BiCKl. This technology is being developed to tackle cancers resistant to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies, which prevent cancer from hiding from the immune system.

Constantini said the company is also working with the Léon Bérard Cancer Center in Lyon to use AI-based bioanalysis and bioinformatics to identify novel targets in immuno-oncology. It will focus on finding new pathways to address unmet needs for cancer patients.

Anita Chakraverty is a freelance medical journalist and science communicator. Outside work, she enjoys a good movie, long walks in the local woods, and trying to get into pretzel-like yoga poses.



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