Discussing the Future of Personalized Medicine with Biotech Experts

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Personalized medicine has been a popular topic in the last few years, but when will it materialize? Experts discussed the current challenges at Labiotech Refresh.

Jean-Pol Detiffe is the CEO of OncoDNA, a company using next-generation sequencing to match patients with a personalized cancer treatment. In his opinion, one of the main challenges in the field is that “biology is complex and a successful test cannot only rely on genes“. His company addresses it by also looking at RNA and methylation. He also highlighted liquid biopsy as a big trend in the field: “we have developed a personalized blood test to see if cancer is coming back, focusing on following up with the patients“.

Marjolaine Barldo is Head EMEA at Agendia, a company with a diagnostic test that can reduce the use of chemotherapy by 46% in patients with breast cancer. Mammaprint is one of the first diagnostic tests to show robust clinical results that could lead to reimbursement, a big challenge in the area of personalized medicine. “The EU is starting to open for reimbursement“, she reckons. Her test is currently on conditional reimbursement for 3 years, during which the company is evaluating the real outcome of the genomic assay with amazing results so far.

Jemila Houacine, Associate at Medicxi, provided an investor’s perspective: “integrating specific biomarkers and drugs and adjusting trial design to accelerate development is the next big thing“. She believes that the increasing implication of patients will be a game changer.

To get all the details on the next big trends in the promising area of personalized medicine, watch the video of our expert panel at Labiotech Refresh.

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