Stramsen Biotech to look at 11 plant-based drug candidates

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Houston-based biotechnology firm Stramsen Biotech Inc. has announced 11 drug candidates for clinical development.

Kefas Mugittu, co-CEO, made the announcement of the plant-based medical candidates.

The company said the drugs are safe, effective and currently in use in different countries. 

The drug candidates are: SBX 1052, which controls/prevents enlargement of the prostate glands; SBX1968, which controls/prevents the proliferation and metastasis of prostate glands cancer; SBX 2021, to control/prevent the proliferation and metastasis of various cancer cells; SBX 2022, which controls/prevents the proliferation and metastasis of blood cancer; SBX 2023, for treating various forms of peripheral neuropathic disorders; SBX 2000, for management of various forms of cardiovascular diseases; SBX 1977, a wound-healing drug with cell proliferation and antibacterial properties; SBX 2048, to control HIV and improve immunity; SBX1988, to control diabetes; SBX2011, which treats kidney infections and dissolves/breaks-up gallstones; and SBX1967, which relieves bone/joint pains, treats bone/joint infection, and improves joint lubrication.

The company said many people around the world are increasingly turning to natural plant-based drugs and medicines for their healthcare needs, and because of this, Stramsen Biotech’s goal is to provide patients with safe and efficacious medicines. 

Stramsen Biotech said its mission is to further confirm safety and efficacy of these drugs for FDA approval so they can be used in the U.S. and other western countries.

The company said it expects to submit multiple IND applications to the FDA. It is also looking to accredited investors to help fund the clinical development processes. It said it will start exploring all fundraising options including going public and filing prospectus form S-1 with the securities and exchange commission. 

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