Scottish researchers can tap into new £300K fund

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Precision Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre (PMS-IC), the national center for accelerating the advancement and adoption of precision medicine, has launched a new fund to support Scottish researchers.  

The $300,000 ($355,000) fund, the first offered by PMS-IC, will support research ideas to support accurate diagnosis and/or treatment based on an individual’s unique biology.  

Funds of up to £30,000 ($35,500) will be available for a maximum of 10 projects. Applicants will need to demonstrate how their work will advance precision medicine and the fund will support work involving collaborations with the NHS, academia and industry. 

The fund will help support a new pipeline of tangible ideas to harness the potential of precision medicine in Scotland.  The fund is aimed at research-led opportunities for Scottish university- or college-based researchers.  

Research criteria

Precision Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre is looking for ideas with a strong case for commercialization.  It is seeking applicants from a Scottish research funding university or college with an industry partner to provide match funding.  For applicants looking to commercialize current research there must be a strong case of support from a business development specialist.  

Marian McNeil, chief executive at PMS-IC said: “We have designed this fund to help discover new innovation in precision medicine which can be adopted across the NHS in Scotland and the wider global economy.   We are passionate about supporting new talent and we want to provide the impetus to accelerate the adoption of precision medicine in healthcare. Our aims is to support researchers who are already engaged in work that can change and save people’s lives.  

“We look forward to reviewing the high quality project proposals and to helping foster existing ideas that can make use of this fund to transform innovative research into tangible commercial outcomes that benefit patients.”

The deadline for submissions is September 23, with successful applicants announced on October 26.  Details of the fund and forms are available from PMS-IC’s website

About PMS-IC

PMS-IC was formed by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) in 2013 and since its inception, the Scotland-wide hub has been working with industry, academia, health charities, the NHS and government to collaborate to tackle healthcare challenges. 

Its key projects cover conditions such as: ovarian cancer, MS, Esophageal cancer, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis and pancreatic cancer.  

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