Startup BioRaptor raises $3M to drive AI insights for scientists

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BioRaptor has raised $3M in funding, which it says will allow it to put the power of AI-generated insights into the hands of every scientist.

The round was led by lool Ventures and CPT Capital and was joined by FoodHack and other strategic angel investors.

BioRaptor is building an operating system for biology research and manufacturing – leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to present an understanding of data and creating deep, actionable insights, integrated within existing workflows. With this funding, BioRaptor said it will ramp up development and onboard additional customers.

While synthetic biology approaches offer potential for some of humanity’s greatest problems, the path from research to commercialization can be long and difficult. BioRaptor said it helps scientists and the biotech industry innovate faster.

“Scientists are spending so much time on manual analysis rather than focusing on planning and research. As a software engineer, I’ve experienced first hand the shift in the past 15 years and we’ve come to take for granted the work that’s been offloaded from us via advanced tools. We want to bring that to Biology.” said Ori Zakin, BioRaptor co-founder and CEO.

About BioRaptor 

BioRaptor said it helps to empower every scientist and biotech firm, making AI-powered insights a part of every workflow. From alt-protein foods to new biopharmaceuticals, BioRaptor is looking to make it easier, quicker and more cost-effective for scientists to discover, develop and scale processes that get food and pharma products into the hands of those who need them.

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