Synpromics and UniQure, new Collaboration in Gene Therapy.

Synpromics UniQure AAV

Synpromics has formed a collaboration with uniQure, the Dutch pioneer in human gene therapy, to develop synthetic promoters with specific application in the delivery of gene therapies to liver.

Synpromics, a leading synthetic biology company, will use its unique approach to develop synthetic promoters with upregulated, liver cell specific, activity whilst also decreasing the promoter molecular size to optimize the packaging efficiency of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV).

AAV is a small virus which infects human cells but does not cause disease, which turns it into a perfect vector for gene therapy uses. AAV-based vectors have been found to affect long-term therapeutic protein expression in humans, which can result in long-lasting treatment for patients.
The work is also supported by Scottish Enterprise through a grant awarded from its SMART: SCOTLAND scheme, which provides financial support to Small to Medium Enterprises across Scotland.

Dr David Venables, CEO of Synpromics, commented, “Synpromics are very pleased to undertake this collaboration with uniQure, and have a further opportunity to demonstrate the utility of our synthetic promoter technology to gene therapy applications. We have now advanced several projects in different areas and this collaboration highlights that our technology is being increasingly validated.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing this promising company during the LaBiotech Tour UK. Stay posted, the video with Synpromics and other great British companies will be up and loaded in just a few weeks.

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