The most effective Test for Ovarian Cancer raised €7.4M


Cancer is a devastating disease and, despite all the best efforts to develop new personalized medicines, too many lives end every year because of it. However, this trend might be about to change, after the latest study from University College London, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology last week. The study highlighted that ROCA, Abcodia’s test for ovarian cancer, is twice as effective in identifying cancers as the traditional method. Now, Abcodia has raised €7.3M (£5.25 million) funding to bring the world’s most sensitive and specific ovarian cancer screening test to market.

According to the study, ROCA accurately detected 86% of women with ovarian cancer and ruled out almost 100% of women who were cancer free. It sensed twice as many malignancies than the traditional single assessment of simply measuring CA-125 levels, a tumor biomarker. Based on these impressive data, Abcodia prepares to launch ROCA into the private market in 2015.

To this aim, two new investors, Cambridge Innovative Capital and Scottish Equity Partners, have joined Abcodia’s existing investors Albion Ventures and UCLB. The funds will enable the launch of the ROCA test in US and UK in the present year, as well as the establishment of a US presence.

Abcodia’ strategic partnership with Cancer Research UK, has the potential to materially enhance the way biomarkers are developed, allowing earlier disease diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. The groundbreaking test could definitely make a real difference in the lives of women at risk of developing this aggressive form of cancer.

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