Watch: Addressing IP with Starting Bloch

January 1, 2023 - 1 minute

Starting Bloch is a French-headquartered company helping companies navigate the world of IP and patents.

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The company’s Patman platform was developed to assist companies with patents, licenses and trademarks. The company also assists companies addressing fundraising, as well as helping with management and tech transfer.

Patman gives companies a calendar of events to address issues as they arise. The platform also forecasts IP costs over several years, reduces paperwork and detects potential errors, and highlights priority events and action deadlines. The technology also means companies don’t need to have extensive IP knowledge, and training and assistance is available from Starting Bloch throughout the process.

At BioFIT, in Strasbourg, France, Labiotech had a conversation with Jean-François Bloch, CEO of Starting Bloch, to discuss the company’s solutions.

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