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malmomessan Malmö

Pharm Assist is a consultancy company in Sweden offering regulatory affairs services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Founded in 1996, Pharm Assist employs more than 20 experts and has assisted more than 250 Nordic and international companies with their regulatory requirements. 

It acts as partner in product development, authoring and compilation of dossiers for submission, quality assurance, regulatory procedures and maintenance, medical writing, pharmacovigilance and good distribution practice. 

We spoke with Pharm Assist CEO,  Johan von Heijne, at NLS Days, in Malmö, Sweden, about the services the company offers, and why those services are so important. Von Heijne has been with the company since March, 2019.

The company was founded in 1996 by the pharmacist and associate professor Mats Ehrnebo.

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